Here are our 20 Free steps to increase traffic to your website.

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The rising tide of digitalization has made every business to have an online presence to scale.

So we thought to help business who needs assistance in taking their business to next level.

Here are our 20 Free steps to increase traffic to your website.

1. Get Social

Get Social. As of 2020 more than 3.8 billion people use social media. Nearly 60% of the world’s population are using the internet and the main trends suggest that more than half the world’s population will log into a social platform by the end of the year. So how can you use social media to boost your content? Start creating great content that will help users engage with you via your social platform. We also need to be proactive in replying and finding new users to follow and like our profiles. consider each platform and its users. For image-heavy content consider Pinterest and Instagram as your main social platforms. If you are looking for short, update messages to your users, consider Facebook and Twitter marketing. 

2. Mix up your content so users do not become bored.

Vary the length of all content so users do not become accustomed to your posts, keep them guessing and keep your content appealing as possible to different visitors to your website, varied pages or blog posts have the potential to reach even higher audiences. Mix up your media by using it. Video, infographics, and data-driven pieces to inform and educate your users. Higher educational pieces will also increase your google ranking as google sees your information as valuable.

3. Headlines that capture attention.

Blogs and headlines are the keys to capturing your audience off the bat. Without a keyword-rich headline, your posts and content will just fade into the distance. So think carefully and craft an amazing headline before you set your content live to the world.

Here are our 20 Free steps to increase traffic to your website

4. On-page SEO.

This factor is one of the largest. And is a worthwhile practice and will pay off in the long run if it is done properly. Optimizing your content for search engines is how we increase traffic to your website. A useful plugin for WordPress is the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin will monitor the content of your website, and add in key suggestions on how you can apply SEO strategy to your content and blog. Yoast will ask you to add in a suggested keyword for your page, It will also add in your meta tags and meta descriptions for your page. It doesn’t take long. 

5. Target long-tail keywords.

Do a quick search on google and try to find questions people are asking for on google. Once you know what keywords you want to target, get your high intent keyword and popular search terms added to your blog. To ranker higher and quicker start by writing content and blog posts over the 2000 word mark. Include Outbound and inbound links to add to your DA ranking and backlinking scores.

6. Guest Blogging.

To boost your ranking and get your DA site authority higher, guest blogging may be the key to get your website valuable backlinks. This will also have the bonus of increasing your brand awareness. Do not make your article to spammy with links, and offer your guest blog site true educational content that way, your reputation will increase and other possibilities will be possible in the future.

7. Invite guest bloggers.

Now that you have written on another blog site, ask for bloggers to write on your site. This will help with adding content to your site. As well as valuable sharing links, that could boost your traffic. Just be aware of the content going on your site, and be sure to check it for spelling errors and links, as Google will penalize you for poor content, or plagiarized content. 

8.Referral Traffic

Have such good content that people backlink to your website automatically. learn what types of contents set lots of referral traffic and then learn or engage with their kind of users to get them to refer your website.


This has been slightly been covered by social media, but we consider this needing a special link, LinkedIn is the largest social network aimed at business professionals, which means you should be posting good, relevant content related to your business regularly. Doing so will boost your traffic as well as increase your profile within the industry.

10. Google search console.

We find a lot of companies not implementing this simple tool. Simply create a sitemap.xml for your site, and get google search console to crawl your website, this will ensure your business is having your website looked at regularly from Google. This will make it easier for Google to rank your new content and will improve your click-through rates.

11. Linking your content internally.

Google loves good internal link structures. meaning: when creating or publishing new content be sure to link your content to already created content. This not only helps with SEO it also makes users find other relevant info easier. The higher-rated your user experience is the more sales and leads you will get. For a start always link your contact page

12. Interviews with market leaders.

Seeing a success story or case study is a good way of engaging users wanting to learn. Successful people love being mentors – why not ask some to give you an interview. The publish the interviews on your website to increase your traffic. Not only will the good industry name boost your company reputation and credibility. As a bonus, the interviewee will probably share the content with their social media profile, and website providing you good backlinks.

13. Email Marketing.

Don’t forget about email marketing, sometimes we always focus on getting new clients. When we could be targeting our exciting database. Email marketing can be such a powerful tool and has seen huge success with eCommerce websites. Even just a small update to your client database can get your brand in the minds of your users. 

14. An essential part of your traffic increasing is ensuring your website is mobile-friendly.

Websites are generally seeing a 50% traffic increase from mobile devices and more and more people spend more time away from their desks. Google has also started penalizing and de-ranking websites that are are not responsive. To ensure your website is accessible, comfortable to users across a range of devices. 

15. Site Speed.

Ever found yourself leaving a website because of slow website speeds. Do you love waiting for websites to load? Having a slow speed will increase your bounce rate. Make sure your page structures, image sizes, and your plugins are optimized to increase speeds. With gzip compression and caching plugins enabled. The faster your site loads the more traffic you will get. 

16. Community spirit.

People love talking and feeling passionate about a product or service they love. Answering questions and being helpful over social media or via your contact form or FAQ. is a good way to boost your word of mouth and increase traffic to your website. A good way of answering people’s questions is by installing a comment plugin on your website. 

17. Examine your data.

Google analytics can be added easily to your website. This will help you understand when and where your traffic is coming from, this essential as it will help you narrow down on what content to boost and see which content is driving traffic to your website. Use this information to create promotional and content strategies. This will also help you create audiences that can be targeted in the future. A good way of increasing traffic is by using a Facebook pixel, this is a Facebook tool, that lets you create look like audiences based on the user traffic that has visited your website recently. 

Here are our 20 Free steps to increase traffic to your website now

18. Video Marketing.

Text-based content is good, but the eyes are a very powerful tool. meaning people love seeing what your product or service can offer them. Quick tutorial videos, suggestions, reviews don’t take long to do and can help drive traffic from YouTube. It a great way to grab hold of your audience’s attention and boost traffic to your website at the same time. 

19. Find out what your competitors are doing.

see what topics or content is resonating with your similar audiences. Then try to emulate their content to bring traffic to your website.

20. Attend conferences, live events, or webinars.

There are most likely two major conventions in your area in which you can attend for your business. Attending these events is a good idea and can be a good idea to attend. If can land a gig as a host speaker even better. this is an excellent way to establish your brand as a leader in the industry and gain a significant wave of traffic to your website. 

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