Web design trends in 2020 – New Zealand

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Web design is constantly changing from year to year. Here are some web design trends 2020.


Hand-Drawn Fonts

Just look on Instagram to see how viral custom hand-drawn fonts are becoming in recent months. These unique typefaces add character and charm as well as a good bold identity that can be used across your brand. It can help you win over younger audiences, with a new powerful, and distinctive look.

Organic Shapes

Gone are the days of strict grid layouts and sharp edges – 2020 will adopt curved lines and soft, organic shapes. This can be highly effective in producing some stand out design with vivid colors, but also can be adapted for spectacular results in the minimal look.

Overlapping Text and Images

Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become a popular effect for blogs and portfolios. Combining beautiful images and nice/readable text can result in an eye candy touch that will get your user’s attention.


These pared-down, two-tone color schemes look cool and contemporary, Duotones are very similar to color overlays, but this technique uses two colours to overlap the whole image from one side of the color spectrum to another. Not only does the Duotone give the photo a refreshing look, but it can also set the mood based on the chosen colors. Works very well with Bold colour choices.


More companies are turning to illustrators and graphic artists to create bespoke illustrations for their websites. After years dominated by flat design and straightforward minimalism, adding illustrated touches to your site is a great way to inject a little personality.

That concludes our top Web design trends in 2020

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