Why leave your website SEO to chance?

Using our effective SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, we can help potential customers find your website more easily by optimising it for the keywords people type into Google and other search engines.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

You’ve probably heard of the tremendous benefits that can be gained by embarking on a comprehensive SEO campaign to generate leads from organic traffic to your website. You can also invest in paid Google PPC advertising to generate targeted leads, but the best option is to use an integrated approach that combines both SEO and PPC into one campaign.

Before planning your website, it’s critical you have clear brand positioning and a goal in mind.

Keyword & Audience Research

Knowing what and who to target is half the battle in SEO. We find the right terms people enter into search engines with the goal of using that data for your next project.

Competitor Landscape Analysis

We check your competitors SEO, and your industry’s competitve landscape online and then give you our analyzed information.

Technical Audits & Optimisation

A technical SEO audit is a process during which we check your website for all technical aspects that help you rank!

Content Strategy

This means that you should have an approach that includes all for content to promote your key business objectives. We can help get all your assets flowing as a complete brand plan.

Combined SEO Services and Price Per Click Domination

With a combined marketing campaign you now have the chance of dominating both organic and paid sections in related search results. The same keyword sets that proved effective in landing you the top spots in natural search results can also be harnessed for unleashing PPC ads that rock!

Combined SEO Services and PPC Improves Your Click-Through Rates (CTR) and helps grow your client base.

A combined SEO and PPC campaign will help you create compelling content, which will prove beneficial for you not only in terms of search ranking but also on generating favourable action and click-throughs from targeted audiences. With a combined PPC and SEO campaign, it also improves the CTR of the individual ads if it were measured separately.

Other similar studies were conducted in the regards including one from SEER interactive which generated a CTR increase from 5.66% to 18.06% when PPC and SEO were combined.

Brand Exposure

A greater exposure for your brand will eventually be translated into a higher favourable responses in the area to both your PPC advertisements and natural traffic to your websites or landing pages.

Your competitors are gunning for the top spot too and for you to keep your rankings high, you need to maintain an integrated approach to your SEO and PPC efforts.

PPC advertising is great for testing and getting immediate feedback from your targeted market. SEO, on the other hand, provides a more in-depth analysis of consumer behaviour based on long-term traffic, giving you greater insights on other consumer metrics.

Combining both strategies gives you a deeper understanding of your target market – prepping your business up for eventual  business growth and development.

Why leave your website SEO to chance?

Using our effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, we can help potential customers find your website more easily by optimising it for the keywords people type into Google and other search engines.

Google Business Manager

Control how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. We can set up your Google business account so that your business hours, phone number, and directions are easily found on Google Search and Maps.

If you’ve recently moved as well, we can make sure your correct new address details are showing, not your old ones.

Google Analytics

We will help you set up and monitor your Google Analytics account so that you will be able to see where your websites visitors are coming from, how they are experiencing your website and how you can keep optimising your site and other marketing activity to get better results.

Knowledge is power, the more you know about your customers, the more you will sell.

Unique Content

Content is king! If you want to improve your website’s search rankings, having high quality, relevant and unique content on your site is incredibly important. Content that is rich with the search terms that are most commonly used in your category.

We can help you create the best web content in your local market or business category and reap the full rewards of better search rankings.

Website Optimisation

We will work with you to optimise your website in two ways. The first is search engine optimisation where we put in place a number of strategies to increase your website’s organic rankings on search engines.

The second is performance optimisation which ensures that your website is free of any technical bugs, and runs quickly and smoothly, giving visitors a great experience.

The steps we use to empower growth for your business in the digital sector.

After a discussion about your goals we conduct an audit on your current SEO Services & Strategy . This generally involves how your website design, landing pages and calls to action work together, plus more complex factors like your SEO score, backlinks and speed tests. One of the most overlooked factors we see new start-ups ignore is how their brand looks on mobile and social media. Once we have all these issues compiled we then develop a custom marketing strategy tailored to your needs.

We can monitor and check your SEO to see how you perform. We look at and adjust keyword rankings, meta tags and descriptions, Alt image tags, Google search console, sitemaps, and correct Google tracking methods so you know exactly where and when you are getting traffic. The reason analytics and tracking is so important is to determine where your website traffic is coming from and how your customers are interacting with you. We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console to gather important and useful data about your target audience and install Facebook pixels to gather audience info, which helps in creating custom audiences.

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