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It all starts with choosing your domain name.

If you want your business to succeed, it’s critical you have you have the infrastructure to produce the best results. We want you to have the best possible chance of getting the best results.

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What is a domain name

A domain name is address that clients and customers can search for via the internet to find your website. We refer to this as a URL

The internet is a giant bunch of numbers all comilled together by a network of computers, each computer is connected to a global network that can be used to talk to other computers. To identify and find the computer you are looking for the computers or URLs are gicen a unique series of numbers that identify where that address is. A typical A record or ip address will look something like this:

However it would be very difficult if a client or customers would have to remember what your exact number was. So to solve the problem domain names were created. Now if you simply know the domain name of the business or service you are looking for you can type the letters into the address search bar

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Our top tips for choosing a good domain name.

Try get a domain name with your business name in it, or make it very easy to remember, some business owners first try get the desired URL before deciding on a name. You can use tools like

Avoid registering a name that is a trademark or copyright property of another company, especially in the instances of a unique company name, this could lead to heavy fines or legal problems that will result in you losing your domain name or business credibility.

Shorter names are easier to remember for your customers. So try to come up with a name that describes your business but is easy to remember.

If you plan on servicing only your local area, consider putting in the name of your city of location into your domain name. This will identify your customers where you operated from and also help with google search rankings. You may also want to check the geographic extensions of your area.

Avoid hard to pronounce or business names with numbers, imagine trying to explain in an elevator your URL to a potential client, would you have to pause mid way through and tell them the “five” is actually a number.

Try to get all the domain names you can afford to redirect them to your main URL, this will avoid people buying out similar domain names and then trying to sell them back to you.

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