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There is no doubt that the future is online. A growing number of people are using the internet to find local businesses. They also use it to do their shopping, or just to find quick information about a business they are searching for

The bottom line is that if you want to make sure that your company stands out from the competition, then you should start developing a solid digital presence. This will help your company stand out from the crowd. In the past 20 years, we have created cutting-edge websites for small businesses in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton, as well as all across the country.

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There is no doubt that a website is a crucial part of the blueprint for your brand and business. It is imperative to keep in mind that when you are building a website, there are several options to consider. When it comes to choosing a single-page website design, there are several things to consider, ranging from faster loading times to SEO limitations to put into consideration. 

A one-page website is a website that has only one page of content.

The concept of a one page website is exactly what it sounds like. It is a website that contains everything the reader needs on just one page. In addition, it eliminates the need for separate pages, including pages for products/services, contact information, and about the company. There are two main types of one-page websites: those with a horizontal scrolling effect and those with a parallax effect.

When readers click on the navigation menu, they are taken directly to the section that they are interested in, rather than being taken to another page by clicking on the menu. 

Austin Digital has been creating small business websites for the last 20 years. Here are some website teips we always include:

Make Your Message Simple

On one page websites, key selling points are highlighted along with a straightforward approach to the organisation. As a result, potential customers have an easier time navigating your website and you are more likely to convert them. Overwhelming text and unclear call-to-actions on a one-page website will frustrate users and deter them from purchasing.

Mobile optimisation

Single-page websites are certainly unorthodox, but there’s no denying their effectiveness. However, the idea itself can be very useful in some situations as it has some merit. Let’s take the example of a fashion business that only sells five items of clothing at a time, for example. Could one page suffice for your needs, or are lots of pages needed? With fashion being so heavily influenced by the presentation of stunning images, a website that contains only one page, but is abundant with photographs, might be an effective way to attract your audience. For a business whose clients predominantly buy their products through their phones, it may be a wise idea to have a website that has a long page that is optimised for mobile conversions with countless scrolls if you have a huge clientele that purchases through phones.

Balancing the aesthetics of the design vs. usability and scalability

Suitable for use with images. Due to the fact that all your content will be contained on one single page, this will give you the opportunity to add a wide variety of high-quality photos to it and make your site look more attractive.

It is limited in terms of scalability. In order to add more content to your page, you must make the page longer. This means that the user will have to scroll more, resulting in a longer page. The information on a website can often be very disorganised and unappealing to the user, making it difficult to navigate its contents. There is the option of replacing existing content to ensure the page length remains the same if replacing existing content is not possible. Content is therefore limited as a result of this.

An increase in retention

Users are retained on a one-page website for longer because it holds their attention better. Users are more likely to use your interactive features, such as subscriptions and shopping carts, the longer they stay on your site. The con of a one-page website is that organisations and companies with multiple special interests cannot include all of their information while being clear on their mission. People trust organisations that are as transparent as possible.

Inquiries from customers are increasing at a higher rate

If you keep your website to one page, you will be able to capture more conversions since, with limited information, you will encourage more people to reach out to you with questions or to get a clearer understanding of what you are conveying through your website. 

There is a limited amount of space for details

One advantage of having a one-page website is that all the information you need will be arranged in a specific order, making it easier for your audience to navigate your website and find the information they are searching for when they are looking at your brand. I like the layout because it is easy to scroll through and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find what you’re looking for. Your content should include all of the information that you need to convey in order to get your point across. 

Loading times that are faster

The importance of having a fast loading website is something that everyone who has ever worked on a website knows about, which is why one-page websites are so popular because of their simplicity. There is a very high chance that someone will leave your website if it takes a long time for them to load your website. This will prevent them from doing what you would like them to do on your site. The fact that they load so fast is partly due to the fact that there is less material to load on their site. The other side of the coin, if you limit how much content you present to your visitors, you may also not be able to effectively communicate with them. In other words, it’s a trade-off between the performance of the website and the effectiveness of the content. It would be nice to think there’s a happy medium where your website loads fast enough for people to stay on your website on a regular basis. In addition, you should have relevant content.

A more ‘maintained’ design

The benefits of building a single-page website are that you can separate the front end from the backend and that many of the front end frameworks, like Angular, React, and Xamarin, enable you to load pages and components in a very dynamic manner. This causes the users of the website to have a seamless experience on the site, as well as separating the front end from the back end, which makes the software easier to maintain from an operations point of view, since it is isolated from the front end.

A fantastic choice for purpose-driven websites

One-page websites are an ideal choice for landing pages in PPC campaigns and email campaigns. They create it easily and provide a lot of information while telling a good story. Additionally, they are very friendly and responsive.

Reduce content overload

There are certain types of businesses that can benefit from having a one-page website. In addition to reducing the amount of content overload, a simple one-page website can be very helpful if you are a coach or service-based business that relies on direct marketing tactics or sells a single product and you want to convert more visitors. A single-page website is one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates and communicate the value proposition of a product, brand, or service in a short amount of time.

It’s possible that SEO will suffer

It is likely that your SEO performance will suffer as a result of your being so picky about what you show on your one-page website. There is no doubt that ranking for more than a few phrases or keywords will be extremely challenging if your demands change. This is because you have to rank for different phrases or keywords. In order to maintain a single-page website, you would have to build a separate blog area and link to it from your single-page website, so it would be contradictory to the idea of having only one page. It is not easy to master the art of SEO.

Increasing the authority of links

Having just one page will improve your site’s link authority. Instead of having links spread across multiple pages, the links are concentrated on one page rather than being spread across many pages.

Pass the 15 Second Rule easily

The simplicity of single-page websites makes them convenient. There is no need for a reader or visitor to jump between pages if they can find everything they need on a single page, and they don’t have to look around for information on different pages. Your website will be more popular and you will be able to encourage more users to explore your site and spend more time on it.

Engage a mobile-specific audience

One-page websites are very mobile-friendly, which is an invaluable feature since most people now access websites through their mobile devices. An effective advertising campaign uses a specific audience as a target.

Content cannot be clustered and linked internally

It is always a challenge when it comes to SEO when it comes to a single page website. This is because there are no supporting content clusters and there are no opportunities for internal links when you have a one page site. Clustering your keywords is one of the most critical things you can do to make sure Google recognizes you as an expert in the field.

Product-based businesses should not use conversion rate optimization

It is possible to address only one or two of the customer’s pain points with single-page websites. As a result, optimising the site becomes much simpler as a result. One-page websites are easier to set up and maintain than multi-page websites, since they take less time and effort to set up and maintain. For product-based companies who need to communicate with their customers over multiple pages, this is not the most appropriate choice.

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