Austin Digital is a full service WordPress Web Design & Development Agency.

Austin Digital helps you grow and adapt your business in a new and ever-changing digital era. We are a New Zealand-based web design & Development company with speciality in web hosting digital growth agency with team members working across the country.

WordPress Websites

We create visually appealing, functional and mobile responsive websites using the WordPress content management system.

WordPress Hosting

We provide a secure, optimised hosting environment specifically designed to meet the needs of WordPress websites.

Website Marketing

We excel at driving traffic to a website, converting visitors into leads, and nurturing those leads into customers with digital marketing.

Website Support

Our team of WordPress experts are always available to help you with any questions, and reliable hosting.

SEO Optimisation

We can help you improve your website’s organic rankings with our innovative and unique SEO systems. Ask us today for a FREE SEO audit.

Video Marketing

Professional videography For sales, marketing & communications. Connect with your market. Go viral with a video Story.

New Zealand Made

Austin Digital is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated! You can be confident your website is safely in New Zealand hands.

WordPress Security

Website Malware scanning to detect malicious code, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans, that can be used to exploit vulnerabilities.

Before planning your new web design, it’s critical you have clear brand positioning and a goal in mind.

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, get more leads or just refresh your current brand, it all starts here.

The digital landscape continues to define how we as customers and business talk to each other. If you already have a website, chances are the techniques that you used to start your business will have evolved big time, and if you were to use those same tactics now, you’re just going to get lost in Google’s algorithm.

We’re here to help you connect with your consumers with B2C and B2B practices. We’ll start by identifying your goals through an in-depth process of asking meaningful questions and sharing insights.

Our creatives and digital marketing specialists work collectively on every project, every step of the way, to boost your profile.

The custom audiences we develop will be specific to what you do, so you don’t lose money targeting customers that have no interest in what you offer.

Brand awareness

As well as your digital presence it’s important that your brand maintains a good presence in other media, too. Print should play a vital role in your presentation as customers are looking at the overall appeal of your company.  People love packaging, it’s  something that your customers can hold and feel,  so the quality will need to match that of your business.  Austin Digital’s experienced graphic designers can create wonderful designs for logos, business cards, and all types of packaging.

Our logo design services help communicate the overall impression of your business at first glance. The first step we undergo is research of your business and your competitors to give us a clear indication of how you will attract a clear target market and form an emotional connection with your customers. Good graphic design adds value to your business and should not be overlooked. We work with startups, established companies of all industries in any location. We provide tailored graphic design services to all.

Video & Motion design.

Often a video can help explain your product or service to potential customers when only words can’t. We write, design and develop explainer videos that achieves awareness of your brand. They are highly effective on landing pages and social media.

Video can be used in the following:

  • Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
  • Your website homepage
  • Email newsletters and eBooks
  • Sales and conference presentations
  • Instagram Advertising
  • LinkedIn company profile videos


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In a world that is run by digital presence, your business can be hugely successful or it can get lost in the endless pages of Google results.

If your digital marketing strategies are on point and are engaging clients, more and more clients will begin to find you online. When done correctly your digital marketing plan will accelerate your business growth. Visitors who love your website because it’s cool and works well, will get them coming back for more AND telling their friends about your website or service.

Sadly, a lot of companies fail in these areas. A poor website design or lack of SEO strategy hurts their overall business. At Austin Digital we focus on creating interactive design services with offices in Auckland and Tauranga. We offer one of the best web design services in New Zealand with competitive prices. And as Bill Gates once said “Content is King” so if you need affordable copywriting we can help get the right message in front of your audience. We begin with your brand story and innovative storytelling that will define and develop your brand strategy and reach the right people.

Not sure what to do?

FREE is good. Book a consultation with Marilyn and get a website design makeover! We’ll meet with you, agree on requirements, and then design a no obligation makeover of your website.

The new design will be online so you’ll be able to see it the way the world sees it.

We are fully trained and up to date with the latest web development and web design practises.

At Austin Digital we focus on what’s most important to your business. Branding and your digital presence is more than just a name or a logo. Our mission is to provide creative assets and solutions that get you seen by your customers. We craft your visual identity to develop your complete brand strategy, going beyond digital to provide a complete brand and marketing plan.

Our unique design style will help you attract, engage and convert customers, and we optimise your website in line with Google page insights and speed indexes

Talk to us to start your growth marketing plan. 


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