The website packages offered by Austin Digital are designed to meet the needs of our customers

Do you wonder what it takes to succeed online? With these purpose-built website packages, we have taken all the hassle out of building your website for you. Whether you want a small business website package or a large ecommerce website package, there is a solution that is perfect for you. 

Since 1999, Austin Digital has designed thousands of websites and completed thousands of digital marketing projects, as part of its extensive experience.

Seo Tauragna web design

Whether you are a small or medium sized business or a large corporation, we offer website design and SEO services suitable for you

Due to this experience, a proven web design process has been developed for us that will help you succeed in your business. Whether you’re looking for an affordable web design package that suits your needs or are just curious about your options, we are here to help.

It is a good indication that a company understands the complexity of the product if it offers all the digital services needed to have your site up and running. Therefore, it is able to provide you with full support as a result.  Our goal is to reduce downtime for our clients as much as possible by avoiding the need to communicate with third-party suppliers. From the point of registering the domain name to the point of hosting the website, this has allowed us to produce professional websites for our clients. 

It seems logical to have all your products in one place, doesn’t it? Isn’t that so? We are able to resolve problems in the event of a problem without having to rely on third parties in the event of a problem. It is our pleasure to work with any of your preferred suppliers. There may be certain suppliers that are more preferred by businesses than others.

There are three cornerstones that make up our reputation as a company: customer service, trust, and reliability. The professional experience and excellent support provided by Austin digital mean that all your web hosting needs can be met. Our Web Hosting servers are located in Auckland, New Zealand, which is one of our locations. It is our goal to provide our clients with excellent service while keeping their costs low. It is our company’s policy to use the popular cPanel software in order to provide our end users with a good online experience.

Creating custom websites is what we do best

Your website will be customised according to your branding regardless of which package you select. Also, you’ll be able to discuss your marketing objectives and target market during this meeting. Additionally, you will be able to discuss how you would like your website to look and feel, its colours, functionality, and how it should be written.


You have access to update the content of your website with all of our web design packages.  As your business grows, you can manage your website yourself with the content management system we use. You will be trained on how to use it as your business grows. 

Our clients benefit from our copywriting services

With our packages, you don’t have to worry about writing content for your website’s most relevant pages. Our copywriters ensure that the right keywords and phrases are placed in the right places on your website so that search engines can easily find it. 


Our clients benefit from our copywriting services

With our packages, you don’t have to worry about writing content for your website’s most relevant pages. Our copywriters ensure that the right keywords and phrases are placed in the right places on your website so that search engines can easily find it. 

Optimising your website for search engines (on-page SEO)

In every website package, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures that the top level pages of your website are fully optimised, comply with Google guidelines, and can therefore be seen and found by your target audience. Keywords should be included in several places in the content, including page titles, descriptions, headings, and internal links.

What makes us the right design partner for you? What can we do to help you achieve your goals? If you are interested in a website design package and face-to-face service, you can contact a New Zealand-based web designer near you. A logo, brochure, or website design package must be consistent. You can get a beautiful website for a fraction of the cost of a large agency. You can save a lot of time when setting up your website.

The importance of designing a responsive website cannot be overstated.

It should be the goal of every business to design a responsive website. All devices render it correctly, and the design and content flow across all screen resolutions and sizes.

If you are a business in New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, our excellent website design services can be beneficial to you.

Easily searchable, professional, and affordable. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Maintain a simple process

The first step is to gather information

The “Information Gathering” stage is the first in our process.  Our team will be happy to discuss your new project with you here.

A project’s gathering stage is of utmost importance.  Our designers and developers will keep your brand and business identity in mind during the design and development process after receiving information from you.

Construction and design are our specialties. Our design elements must be simple and clean in order to increase page speed. In the design and build process, one of the primary goals is to get visitors engaged with your business quickly. Your goals will be more likely to be achieved if you do this.

The design of your website will be based on your brand awareness in order to achieve a high standard.

Most customers choose a company to do business with based on their website. Your company’s success depends on the design process. You will be your potential customers’ first point of contact before they purchase or contact you.

You can easily outperform your competition with our accelerated, end-to-end solutions.

Application launch and loading. Your website will be placed in the “Coming Soon” stage as soon as it has been completed, the hosting and domain management will have been taken care of, and all you need to do is approve its launch. Once you approve the final product, your website will be launched. Our clients are encouraged to make a big deal about the launch or relaunch of their new website.

Launching a new website gives you the opportunity to introduce it to your customers at the right time. Launching the website is a great way to celebrate all the hard work that has been put into it.

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Ready To Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?

Despite the fact that your website has been launched or revitalised, it is not yet complete. A major aspect of web development is promoting your website. You can have the best design and features in the world, but if nobody can find you, then what’s the point?

We ensure that your website uses at least the essential tools listed by major search engines like Google in order to increase its search engine visibility. Our service includes this. Every project we deliver is aimed at delivering the best search engine results, so we make sure all of our websites are Google-friendly and responsive.

In addition to marketing and promoting your website, there are other factors to consider. If you would like to learn more about SEO and SEM, we have a page dedicated to them.

Consumers today are smart, savvy, and time-starved, and they want to get their needs met as soon as possible.

People use the internet for a wide variety of reasons, whether to shop, book flights, check in with friends, or just get information; whether at a desk, on a bus, or in a bank line. The quality of an individual’s online experience makes a huge difference in all of these online functions.

Consumers should be able to find, access, review, and buy products and services easily. User experience (UX) is crucial to attracting and converting that interest into revenue for businesses.

When developing and implementing digital marketing strategies, UX is often overlooked. Only 60% of brands are currently testing their user experience—which is incredible considering 74% of people will return to a mobile-optimised website.

A user-friendly website combines seamless navigation, a clean purchase flow, dynamic and digestible content, top-notch customer support, and mobile device compatibility for the ideal online customer journey. Businesses can create a digital environment that makes their brands stand out by combining these elements. Why do organisations often neglect UX when it comes to engaging with customers?

Website copywriting services

At Austin Digital, our mantra is ‘Content is King’. If you need inspiring content for your website at an affordable price, then we’d love to help. We can write about pretty much any subject, regardless of how niche or technical you think it may be. Professional Website copywriting at an affordable price

Stale websites that are rarely updated tend to rank poorly in search engine results, particularly in a competitive market. Search engines prefer websites which grow and websites which are social. Whilst a visually enticing website design is important for branding and creating a professional image, it’s the website copy content that plays a vital role in improving website ranking and converting your website visitors into enquiries. For example, adding a ‘blog’ to your website, adding new relevant articles regularly and sharing them on your Facebook page, you can increase your site’s popularity and ranking for the search phrases you’re aiming to rank for this is a key component of search engine optimisation. 

But writing fresh, interesting content regularly can be a real headache – it’s just one extra thing to have to do and it’s easy to put off. That’s where our website copywriting services come in!

One-Off Page Writing Service

Ideal if you need new pages added to your website about a product or service, or a one-off blog on a specific subject. With our ‘one-off’ service we:

We can write a page of copy of approximately 4000 words in length. We will Upload the copy onto your website or blog, include page heading ‘tags’ and link keywords to other pages on your website. We add page titles and page descriptions called ‘meta tags’

We Submit each new page to Google to encourage the search engine to crawl and index the page, to increase and boost your rankings.

Digital solutions

Reasons to Use a Professional Website Copywriting Service 

Content writing for websites is very different to writing a brochure or newsletter because it requires both copywriting and technical skills. Website visitors want a copy that’s short and sweet but still compelling and engaging to read and with a clear ‘call to action’ to aid navigation, whilst search engines need key markers to match searches with your website.

Search engines want your web pages to use proper heading structures (called H tags), include links to other pages on your website, and contain well written, relevant page titles and page descriptions.

Since most website pages are shared on social media sites by copying and pasting the URL, it’s also important to make use of Open Graph tags, so that you  – not the social media platform – control how the ad title, link and image appear. 

The purpose of a blog is not to write about Auckland house prices (unless you’re a Real Estate Agent), the purpose is to write about – and promote – your products and services. The hard part of course is knowing what to write about, how to integrate keywords, keeping it interesting and doing it regularly! So that’s where we can help.

It’s enough to make your head spin! So take advantage of our website copywriting services and let Austin Digital take your website to new heights!

Along with our Website content we make it applicable for SEO.

SEO Analytics Service

If you want to understand how visitors are interacting with your website, and what they’re searching for, then this is the ideal service for you. We’ll report on how many visitors are coming to your website, where they come from, and what they do. We’ll make recommendations for growing your website’s content to increase the site’s popularity and ranking.

Your monthly tailored report includes:

  • Number of visitors to your website and where those visitors came from (e.g. Google search, Facebook, paid adverts, etc.)
  • Top search terms that were used where your website appeared in the search results
  • Most popular sections of your website
  • Analysis on how ‘engaged’ visitors are with your website, based on how long they stay and what actions they perform.
  • Conversions (e.g. online sales, or enquiries) by channel (e.g. Google search, or Facebook) to help understand whether your activities are providing the desired results.

SEO Strategy Service

Under this service, we’ll work with you to develop and implement a full digital marketing strategy to promote your website online and monitor its ranking in major search engine results. We as Austin Digital will actively manage your website’s online presence; we will recommend and add new content as well as take responsibility for your website’s ranking of your important keywords.

We’ll implement campaigns to increase your site’s search engine visibility and  develop an appropriate social media strategy that ties in with your other digital content. A key part of the service are our monthly reports and regular meetings to review the results and agree on next steps.

We can also implement Google Ads Management

Austin Digital is a Google Partner and experts in providing Google Ads management services. However the ads are the tip of the iceberg. It’s the time and effort we put into your campaigns which makes them work.

Making Your Google Ads Work Harder

Do you want to find new customers, get more sales leads, or sell more products? Do you want to raise your brand awareness or re-launch your business? Whatever your objectives, we’ll work with you to develop an effective Google Ads campaign to maximise your budget.

As we’re a Google Partner, you know you’ll be dealing with a reputable digital marketing agency that’s been trained and certified by Google. We’re so confident in our expertise, that we don’t lock you into a contract.

What Sets Us Apart:

We work closely with you to understand your business objectives. We spend your money as if it was our own and strive to get you the best results at the lowest cost. We provide concise monthly reports which show the return on your investment

You have full access to your Google accounts. Why are Google Search Ads so Effective? The reason why Google Ads can be so effective is that it gives you the opportunity to have your adverts placed at the top of search results. You can also be very targeted when your ads appear with specific search phrases and this means that you can attract people who are looking specifically for your products or services.

You can also set your ads up so that they only appear to people in a specific location. So if you’re a hairdressing salon in Invercargill, you can make sure your ads only appear for people in that area. Finally, if you link your Google Ads to your Google Analytics account,  you can measure the precise return on your Google Ads investment.

Google Search Ads are most often seen as text adverts with the little ‘Ad’ icon appearing at the top and bottom of the search page. These Google ‘Search’ Ads are known as ‘pay-per-click’ because you only pay Google when someone clicks on your advert. 

Our Search Ads Service

  • Keyword research to identify your important search phrases
  • Writing your ads and setting up the ad campaigns
  • Proactively managing and monitoring your account’s success
  • Use the optimal bidding strategy for your business goals and monitoring your keywords’ performance
  • Setting up conversion tracking to measure your return on investment
  • Expanding your ads with extra teasers called ‘extensions’ that give additional information or links to provide more reasons to choose your ad over your competitors’.
  • Making sure to get the best outcome for your budget

Our Display Ads Service

Google Search Ads are just the beginning. We can use Google Display and Video Ads to show image and video based ads on a variety of websites, such as NZ Herald, TradeMe, Stuff, YouTube and interest specific websites, to help you reach more potential customers. We can also show ads to people who have already visited your website to encourage them to reconnect with you as they browse the internet. This is called ‘remarketing’.

These ads can be shown to as broad or narrow an audience as you like. We can even define a ‘custom’ audience to show ads to potential customers who meet a defined profile and whose search history shows they are ready to make a purchase. Social Media Advertising and Marketing. We specialise in helping companies advertise on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Using Social Media as a Business Tool

Austin Digital have particular expertise in paid social media advertising where you can clearly quantify the return on your investment. Advertising through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can be powerful, cost effective tools for reaching your target market. We can create campaigns which show ads to potential clients, and to people who have previously visited your website, and thereby create more leads and sales for your business.  

When correctly set up, and integrated with tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads and Facebook for Business we can clearly measure your return on investment.

Website Hosting

Being a full service web design and development company, we’re able to host your website for you. We specialise in providing website hosting for concrete5, WordPress and WooCommerce. Like most web companies, we charge a monthly website hosting fee – think of it like paying rent – but our fees are very competitive. Unlike some other web companies, we’ll tell you what those fees will be in advance so there’s no scary hidden cost to you. You can find the monthly hosting fees for our standard packages on our website. 

What is Website Hosting?

A website is basically made up of a bunch of different files and those files have to be stored, or ‘hosted’, on a special web server in order for your website to work. To make a website ‘live’ so that it can be found on the web, we ‘point’ your domain name (e.g. to the part of the web server which hosts your website files. It’s complex stuff really, so place your trust with our established company, we don’t plan on disappearing overnight leaving you with no way to move your website files to another provider.

If we built your website, then we also take responsibility for upgrading the content management system (CMS) periodically as new versions are issued.

Hosting and Support Costs

Our monthly hosting and support costs will be discussed with you at the time, but the cost is normally determined by the amount of disk space taken up by the website on our web server. Typically, our hosting and support costs for a non-ecommerce website.

Can I edit my site after it goes live?

You sure can! If you want to maintain an ongoing relationship with your designer to make website changes for you that’s great. 

Once your site is live you can log in at any time and access all Divi and WordPress editing controls. In fact, we encourage people to keep their site updated with new photos, blog posts and more. Get your website designed by an expert who takes care of the entire process from start to finish, streamlining your experience.

In a mobile world, user experience is key

Smartphones have revolutionised how people view, shop, and connect online. With a growth in media consumption since 2011, the desktop is becoming the less-preferred touchpoint for an increasing number of digital users.

Mobile is so ingrained into the psyche of today’s consumer that mobile users are significantly more likely to abandon a website if it isn’t correctly optimised for their phone—and if you’re running a business, this could mean a major loss in conversions, or even damage your brand’s reputation.

That said, what’s alarming is that users said a terrible mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company—and with searches now performed on mobile devices, UX is a fact that simply should not be ignored.

Although mobile is a dominant force in today’s world, it doesn’t mean that desktop is no longer relevant. The majority of e-commerce transactions still take place on the PC, and as such, a balanced multi-platform strategy is essential to a successful buyer’s journey. Despite this, many marketers and brands still treat the desktop as their main area of focus, which is out of sync with today’s consumer behaviour.

User Experience extends beyond usability

Social media

In spite of what many marketers believe, user experience is not just a buzzword in the industry. Most successful marketers agree that user experience plays a very significant role when it comes to facilitating conversions and making you stand out from the crowd. This is because you are in a massive digital haystack that is oversubscribed and crowded, and becoming the glistening needle.

The failure of design is the cause of confusion and clutter, not the attributes of the information themselves, according to the American statistician and professor Edward Tufte. Having a positive user experience is key to becoming successful online. One of the most effective ways to do so is to be concise, clear, and easily accessible to your target audience so that you stand out among your competitors. It is not acceptable to make compromises in this case.

Usability of a website or a piece of content is an invaluable element of the user experience. However, in reality, it can only be viewed as one part of the whole because usability is primarily concerned with the surface area of things. In contrast, UX is concerned with whether a page or a piece of content will meet the needs of the user. It is the user experience that determines how a brand speaks to its customers and conveys the message that it wishes to convey to them.

User experience cannot be underestimated when it comes to content

Publishing engaging content that offers direct value to your audience is one of the most effective ways to convey a message. The content on company blogs is relevant and interesting to readers.

An effective user experience depends on well-crafted digital copy that is optimised for search engines. Not only will this help your web page to rank well for relevant search terms on Google, but SEO-friendly copy will also give the consumer an informative answer to a question or query in an instant. This approach will ultimately result in conversions rather than website abandonment.

While it may seem obvious for online businesses to provide search optimised, engaging and consumer-focused content, it is often overlooked, don’t make the same mistake.