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Should you hire a WordPress developer to help scale your business faster

These are the main four aspects of why you would want to hire a WordPress developer.

1. A web developer focuses on web design.

At Austin Digital, we design from start to finish. Our first goal is to understand what you want. We ask a series of questions to help deliver your project with minimal changes. Our services include wireframing and prototyping, with a free mockup service. So you understand the website design you’re getting early changes can be made in the design phase. When a customer lands on your website the first impression is crucial to your business. In the first 3 seconds, a client or customer will judge your business based on its load time and it’s a visual impact, this will lead to a positive impact or a negative impact on your audience.

If your website looks outdated and has links or errors that make it not work properly this will apply a negative effect on your business and will drastically affect sales. Ultimately it means you’re missing out on leads and your competitor’s pages will offer more value to them. This not only affects your sales but also your brand appearance. A good web design should always get you leads on your page.

2. Your page should have some form of SEO strategy.

With Austin Digital our WordPress developers have built-in knowledge practices of SEO fundamentals that will be included in the design of your page. Why is this important? Well many web design elements affect how you publish content on your website. This is something that should be done from the start as it’s very hard to go back and do and it’s not something you can afford to get wrong. You will always be fighting an uphill battle to compete in the Google rankings if this is neglected. A good understanding of image optimization and good clean code is needed to get good page speed rankings. That’s why you should partner with Austin digital as our WordPress developers know what they’re doing.

3. Customer service is based on your website.

People will judge your services based on the quality of your website. Your design gives the impression of how you treat your customers. If you put effort into your web design your client knows you will put effort into helping them. Your website acts as a customer service representative. If your website flows well, is brightly colored and makes your customer feel welcome on the page. You will give them the impression they are welcome to contact you. On the negative side, an outdated or old website will make the site feel unappealing.

Think of your website as the model of your business. Everyone likes to be treated well especially when someone enters your physical location. You wouldn’t want that person to feel unwelcome. Well, it’s the same with your website you want them to feel welcome and at home when they enter your site. Why not check out our digital facelift service we take your old outdated website and transform it into a masterpiece, with modern web design techniques and SEO optimized pages.

4. Competitors have well-optimized websites

Probably the most important factor in why you should utilize WordPress developers is that your competitors are using web design agencies. They are getting help in developing their business and you want to remain in competition with them. You want your website to stand out from them if you have an old outdated low-quality website your competition will rank higher than you and get better leads. When competing with other businesses you generally have the same services and generally the same pricing structures. That’s why your website should set you apart.

You should hire Austin digital to be your dedicated WordPress developer.

When choosing your WordPress developer you want to have stability for your business and the easier it is to work with your developer the faster things will get done and the faster the work is completed the faster you can start generating leads. This will help you focus and save time. We integrate a mock-up service so you see your entire designs along with full copywriting if needed. WordPress is our specialty and all our developers and designers are fully trained in the Divi WordPress theme. We focus on client experience at the forefront. Our WordPress developer or account manager communicates directly with you. We also offer flexible development capacities starting in different stages of design example, if you wanted to add in a shop to your business all the groundwork has already been done so we can just add in products and make your eCommerce store live. This means potential outreach for your business and the ability to scale whenever needed. We will also work in a close team environment and close supervision on all aspects of the website design-build.

Web Design services we offer.

After designing thousands of WordPress websites we have collected a vast knowledge of the inner workings of WordPress which can be adapted to any business. Here is how we can help you.

Divi theme

Our agency specializes in the Divi theme. Meaning we know the ins and outs of how it works. This also helps our clients as they can change and edit their website after the initial build phase has been completed, giving you complete freedom in how you want to progress your business. Divi can also be connected with most WordPress plugins as its such a popular theme with tons of documentation.

Converting to WordPress

If you or one of your clients already has a site that is outdated or non-responsive and wants to convert it into WordPress, we’re happy to do it for you. Getting you up to date with the latest WordPress technology. We also provide premium hosting on our servers meaning fast speeds and minimal downtime.

Server migration

Most of our websites are built on a development URL, so we do not affect your live site. Once the site is ready, our WordPress Developer handles server migration to avoid the headache of you doing it yourself without

Yoast SEO setup

We use the Yoast SEO plugin on all our websites. This helps understand how you can implement SEO on all your pages, which includes data analysis on Meta tags, Alt tags, SEO Titles, and keyword density. All the pages built by Austin Digital will have SEO added to them. We also set up your google analytics and sitemap URLs so we can have your site indexed by Google from the start.

Page speed optimisation

We can help your sites load faster, by using up to date techniques like Gzip compression, minifying CSS, and Javascript. Image optimisation and CDN’s. We also use our servers so you avoid load times of shared hosts. Caching plugins will also be optimized to help your website’s loading speeds.

WordPress Security.

We secure every website with WordFence. We Also keep WordFence updated automatically so you don’t have to worry if your website is secure. Our servers are also monitored 24/7 to avoid hacking attacks. We also only used thoroughly tested plugins from trusted developers.


Our team can handle product setup, payment gateways, shipping standards, and other customizations upon request. Check out WooCommerce

Graphic Design

We have a team of graphic designers that are ready to work not just on your website, but also your brand. We want your website to be consistent across all media forms. So let us help you set up your brand identity requirements including, logo design, business cards, point of sale, apparel, signage, and print. In our web development, we like to implement the following factors into our builds.

Easy to navigate Website:

When customers or clients visit your website, they need to access the information they need quickly. If we want the leads to remain on your website, we need to have easy to use menus. Your clients don’t want to struggle with complex menus. If your navigation is too complicated it will discourage your customers from engaging with your pages.

Remember visitor’s attention spans are short, and we want to have a simple, self-explanatory navigation menu so they can also the information they need fast, also if you have an eCommerce store a good search function should be easily found and provide the correct search results.

Responsive Web Design

With over 50% of website traffic now coming from mobile devices is more important than ever to your website designed for all devices. Including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. If you want the call to actions and clients to engage with your site each device should be optimised for the maximum viewing experience, Our WordPress Developer know how to make your business work on all mediums. 

Brand Guidelines

One reason why web design is important is that it creates consistency across your whole business. This consistency is important as it helps your audience build brand recognition and keep them engaged with your website. A style guide is also important when considering your social media posts. A style guide should keep a consistent color, format, typography, and logo formats. This ensures that every time someone views your website all your elements look and feel the same, and you set yourself up as a reliable business.

Visuals that promote the value of your business.

Video and images are more likely to keep visitors to your website engaged. When considering imagery think of your target audience and what kind of message you want the image to portray. Video is a great way of explaining or introducing a new product or service. Why not introduce yourself with an about us video, this is a great way of letting your clients build up trust with you and your products by putting a face to your brand.

A word of caution though, too many images may become distracting to your website visitors and too many images make it difficult to read. Your page needs a good balance between text and image. Why not let us design you a free website mock-up to see how text and image can create a perfect balance. When considering stock images spend quality time searching for the right image that reflects your brand. Your images should also be optimised for the web, don’t use high-resolution images as they will slow down your website speed and affect your Google ranking.

Good Copywriting

Your audience will be visiting your website to get important information this information must be written to a high standard but also in a way that your readers can understand. Writing good copy keeps your visitors engaged and keeps them happy when they can find what they are looking for. If you’re struggling for good copywriting we can provide a storytelling/writing service to help get your business ideas across fluently.

Call to Actions

We always want to convert our website visitors and a key way of doing this is by placing a strategic call to actions. We want our audience to act. These buttons fit into the design seamlessly and inspire your audience to engage with your product or service. We want these call to actions to stand out so your eye is drawn to engage. By using Google Analytics and Google tag manager we can tell you exactly how your audience is engaging with these buttons and will give you a good idea of where you should spend your marketing budget.


Your website plays a vital role in determining how your audience reacts to your website

So that is why you must have a proper WordPress developer and designer design your website. At Austin Digital we have over 20 years of experience in designing websites and it worked with hundreds of clients on their WordPress Builds. We are a full-service digital agency, meaning we can help design all of your business assets as well as marketing them. We understand the importance of providing a website that your customers will love.

If you’re ready to start building your new dream website contact us or give us a call on (09) 950 5001 and our managing director will get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you.


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