Weve built hundreds of
MailChimp Newsletters


Engage with customers on a personal level by sending them personalised emails straight into their mailbox.

We’ve built hundreds of MailChimp Newsletters

Engage with customers on a personal level by sending them personalised emails straight into their mailbox.

Mailchimp Features

MailChimp helps you keep customer mindshare, establish your expertise, and trigger buy events at a fraction of the cost of actual sales calls. Plus, you can ensure that all of your customers and prospects are being informed of your products and services on a regular basis, which in the long run builds B2B relationships and customer loyalty.


MailChimp is the partner that every small business needs, streamlining the process of anything mass email related. As the world’s leading platform, MailChimp plays an integral role in growing small business around the World.

Simple and customization interface

In short, MailChimp is easy to use and makes it possible for you to design your emails just the way you’d like. MailChimp allows users to utilize existing code within a newsletter or email and use it again within the application.


MailChimp offers detailed analytics which inform you of things like how many people opened the email, how many people unsubscribed after receiving an email, which links within the email were clicked and how often, and how responses to your emails compare to the industry average.

Interactive Graphs

Our interactive graphs show you how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, and what percentage of people clicked where, and more. We’ll also show you how you compare to other MailChimp users in your industry, so you can see how you are tracking.

Emails go into the box

This might seem obvious, however, experiments have shown that when you don’t use a third party service like MailChimp emails are more likely to be sorted into spam folders. Furthermore, the website Top Ten Reviews tested different third-party email marketing systems and MailChimp was one of the most successful.


With MailChimp you can create and schedule automated emails that you can use to do things like follow up on purchased products send product recommendations based on customer’s shopping behavior. MailChimp offers preset automation workflows to which make it easy to determine and choose the best workflow for your business.


Most importantly, MailChimp is affordable option, whether you have 100 or 20,000 subscribers. As a new business with less than 2,000 subscribers, MailChimp is free. As your business grows you’ll pay an affordable monthly fee with which you can send an unlimited number of emails.

Subscriber activity reports

If you want to dig even deeper, Subscriber Activity Reports give you a real-time report for every subscriber’s email activities: when they opened, what they clicked, and when they came back. You can even generate a list of people who didn’t open, and send them a modified campaign.

Click maps

See what attracts people with MailChimp’s email click map overlay. Are your readers’ clicks mostly near the top? Do they like pictures or text links better? Learn from your subscribers’ habits to better serve them.

Managing bounces

Find out which email addresses bounced and why – and we’ll automatically determine whether or not we should retry the send or permanently delete them from your list. Mailchimp loves clean database files.

Campaign reach

Analyse stats that tell you how many people your email reached, including social channels, all in one spot.

Opens by location

See where in the world your subscribers are located and track engagement by country.

How our MailChimp process works:

  • We create a custom-branded design template for your MailChimp Newsletter
  • When you’re ready to send the MailChimp Newsletter, simply send the content you would like included
  • We create the electronic version and send it to you for final review
  • Upon approval we send the MailChimp Newsletter to your distribution list on your date and time
  • After the MailChimp Newsletter is sent we’ll give you a tracking report showing open rates etc.

If you’re ready to implement a professional email marketing strategy for your business, contact us today!

MailChimp Newsletters designed from $450 per campaign.
No contracts, cancel any time.


MailChimp Newsletters rank really well on search engines. We offer a free design consultation service, so what are you waiting for? Request yours today. Send us through your details and we’ll create a MailChimp Newsletter design preview for you. We can then build your MailChimp Newsletter in as little as 2 days. We are MailChimp Experts.We also design desktop, e-Commerce, responsive websites we offer a free mock up service and consultation. We live and breathe love digital design.

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