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Here at Austin Digital, we develop beautiful, functional and effective desktop websites, responsive websites, mobile websites and e-commerce websites. All our websites are bespoke and we build to your specific needs whether it be in WordPress, HTML, CSS, Joomla, or Magento, our experienced developers ensure that your website is coded to the highest standards and optimised for the best possible performance in Google. We also build Mobile APPs for Android or Apple.

Our web developers Tauranga are the key to bringing everything together. They are the ones behind the scenes to make sure that the links are clickable and make sure the fonts work well. Instead of having a site that is already there for you from a web hosting service or whatnot, we are the ones that create the code in the background that all the site to run, to function, to be something that your clients can use and interact with.

This is how you achieve the most customizable website possible, instead of it looking cookie cutter, and just like everyone else’s. This is what gets you ahead in the business world. As web development Tauranga agency, we can take your idea and make it work on a site that customers will enjoy visiting.

Austin Digital Design Agency|Leading Digital Design & SEO Agency in New Zealand

Digital Design, Web Development Tauranga

Austin Digital design agency Tauranga we specialise in all forms of web development Magneto is a platform that works with businesses and sellers in order to get their products to the masses in the most flexible ways. They work with big businesses and small businesses to get their products out there and easily sold and bought by customers. It’s based on an open source platform and works with over 150,000 developers and over 300 highly trained solution partners they can help increase sales. This is currently ranked as the number one e-commerce platform

Austin Digital Design Agency|Leading Digital Design & SEO Agency in New Zealand

WordPress interfaces make it simple for even the truest beginner to use. They offer over 350 themes for every budget as well as for every idea. Easily one of the most recognisable blog hosting sites around, it’s a great place to start.

Ecommerce websites have online shops which display products and features to attract visitors/online buyers to shop online. Business sell products through the online shops, accept payments through various payment gateways available online. You can also have the eCommerce websites build responsive which enables your customers to buy your products and services online.

As Tauranga based web development and web design agency we are here to help you every step of the way.

Web Design – Tauranga Austin Digital

Austin Digital design agency Tauranga We take the “fear factor” out of the website design process by giving you a free website design to approve before you commit to working with us to create a website for you. We start by learning about what makes your business tick and establishing what objectives you have for your new website development.

This process really helps our website team to create a website that’s just right for your business. Our design team then start to turn your vision into reality with initial design concepts for the home page and several other pages.

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Ready To Get Started?

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