StoreConnect is a full-featured eCommerce solution with native Salesforce integration.

We will help you connect and get the most out of this system. Browse some of our simple easy to use site already using StoreConnect.

Managed Centrally

All updates to your online store are done within Salesforce. All incoming customer data instantly updates your Salesforce environment, keeping your customer, order, promotion and stock inventory records up-to-date. In just a few clicks, your team can update products, orders, shipping information and all client interactions.

Multiple Storefronts

StoreConnect allows you to have multiple storefronts connected, managed and delivered—all from one system. No more managing multiple software platforms and services to deliver different customer or brand targeted ecommerce stores. Manage multiple price books to cater to different customers, brands or regions.

Seamless Integration

The integration doesn’t stop at Salesforce. We offer seamless integration with many leading payment gateways, numerous ERP platforms, and many other software packages, removing the need for manual data cross-entry and increasing data accuracy. Free up your staff from time-consuming, and error prone, tasks!


StoreConnect has a low monthly license and transaction fee structure making it affordable for any size business.

Self-Install or Concierge

Customers can choose to customise their theme and import the store products themselves or choose one of our tailored set-up packages.

24/7 Support

Every StoreConnect installation has an annual support solution providing software version upgrades, security patches and 24×7 system monitoring and support.

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Salesforce provides the world’s leading CRM and customer success platform. StoreConnect hooks your ecommerce platform into everything Salesforce.

If you use Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud® and Community Cloud, StoreConnect is the affordable ecommerce platform that will bring it all together.

Need an analysis of your most profitable products? Sales Cloud has you covered. Need real-time chat with clients? With Salesforce LiveAgent, you not only chat, you see the pages they have visited, the products purchased and gain a full 360 degree customer view with every interaction. All information is fully synchronised allowing you to concentrate on your product and your brand.

  • Stop wasting time with integrations and API calls. Built on standard objects, we don’t reinvent the wheel! Use the Product, Pricebooks, Pricebook Entries, Accounts, Contacts, Orders and Order Items you are used to without maintaining two sets of data.
  • On platform solution. Store-sync issues are a thing of the past
  • Built in native CPQ support
  •  Upload images, files, documents, videos from your org to our worldwide CDN
  • Powerful site CMS function, build your store using Liquid & Markdown
  • Supports Categories / Traits / Tax / Shipping / Bundles / Variants & more managed through your org & sync’d live to your store.

Execute global content strategies

Build great digital commerce experiences with targeted content, offers, and relevant products that are organised by language, country, state, region, or city. Minimize the risk, cost, and technical complexity of entering new international markets with our secure, borderless infrastructure.

Speak their language

Quickly customize sites to account for customs, cultures, currencies, and languages. Give regional teams their own localized reference architecture for a number of different regions.

Launch and manage all your B2C & B2B eCommerce properties — brands, sites, geographies, and devices — from a single, unified framework.

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Manage your business with Salesforce and StoreConnect

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a complete tool for sales management, bringing all customer information into one platform.

From lead generation, sales, customer contacts and communication, account management, and business analytics, Sales Cloud allows you to optimise your campaigns along every channel, turning leads into closes.

Marketing Cloud

StoreConnect allows you to connect seamlessly with the world’s most powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform.

Create complex Marketing Cloud rules or automated marketing campaigns based on customer behavior. Full integration also allows a smart analysis of results helping you optimise your marketing efforts and truly engage with your audience across the web, email, social, and mobile.

Service Cloud

Connect with a superior customer service and support platform. With a complete view of your customer’s engagement with your business, Service Cloud allows you to resolve service queries accurately and with speed.

Community Cloud

StoreConnect can synchronise with Community Cloud, allowing you to build an online community for the different audiences vital to your business ecosystem. Examples include your customers, suppliers, employees, patients and even retail locations. Automatically sign up online customers to your various communities, directing them to the relevant product and user forums.