Fear is contagious. So is hope

The beauty and simplicity of the above quote struck me while reading an article by Mark Schaefer. I consider it an apt guide for crisis management of the times we live in. It occurred to me that as we face the global predicament created by COVID-19, we as leaders have...

A 4-step marketing process to score a home run

It happens in the movies. A hard-working guy slogs through the days failing to win customers. A chance meeting turns into the moment that becomes his breakthrough, and customers begin to multiply, turning him into a success. This may only happen for a very few of us –...

6 narrative strategies for business leaders.

If you lead your staff using proven narrative strategies, you’ll get results. Microsoft does it. Nike does it. Saatchi & Saatchi and the World Bank do it. Proctor & Gamble has hired movie directors to teach their executives how to do it. Motorola, NASA, 3M,...

What do Trump, Oprah and Steve Jobs have in common?

They each illustrate the power of an effective narrative. We may not like the narrative, but there’s no doubt that each rose to be incredibly influential – in part due to their skill in delivering a good brand story. So, what can we learn from their methods? First,...

What’s in your sacred bundle?

A two-foot long grizzly bear’s paw, a red flannel and an old twist of tobacco. These are a few of the items kept at the American Museum of Natural History in a sacred bundle that belonged to a Native American tribe. Sacred bundles were guarded as precious items and...

The terroir of branding.

In early November, Marlborough winemakers raised a glass to celebrate the trademarking of the Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) certificate in international markets. The AMW label ensures global consumers that 100% of the Sauvignon Blanc in that wine was grown in the...

The Law of Scarcity and the rebranding of the potato.

Here’s a tale from the 1700’s that beautifully demonstrates the Law of Scarcity. Old Frederick the Great ruled the Kingdom of Prussia for 46 years.  The the self-declared King of Prussia (nicknamed Old Fritz) had many military victories, was a gifted musician (he...

Powerful story beginnings that captivate.

Powerful beginnings are the thrust of any good story. I love spending a night out at the movies. The smell of the popcorn, the excitement in the atmosphere. The hush of anticipation when the lights go down. The opening lines, a powerful beginnings that take you on a...

Visual storytelling

My favourite thing on Facebook – and probably the entire worldwide web if I’m completely honest – is a group that is all pictures. But every one of those pictures tells a story – neigh, it MAKES a story. The group is called “As Seen Through Horses’ Ears” (now you can...

Are you telling overdog or underdog stories?

I attended a function recently and was introduced to a guy I hadn’t met before. He asked me what I did, and then cut me short and proceeded to spend 20 minutes telling me all about his wonderful life. How well his business was doing, his six-figure income that was...

A fresh approach to digital design
& digital marketing Dunedin

What’s your Digital Marketing Dunedin Advantage?

No one can deny that digital marketing is changing the way in which we now live, and how business is conducted and experienced. So that leads us to the question. What’s your digital marketing Dunedin advantage? Digital advertising continues to push the limits of what we thought was near impossible years ago. Without a digital presence, you will find it harder and harder to get your brand or business ahead of the pack as digital media and marketing grows at even greater speeds.

Whether you are new to the business scene or have been pleasing customers for decades, it’s important to understand how digital marketing can develop your business for growth. The path may be scary but it’s now vital for business.

As many start-ups and SME’s have learnt there is no “cookie cutter” template when it comes to thinking and planning your digital strategy. With this in mind, we need to cater to your markets wants, keeping in mind customer satisfaction and personal preference play a huge role in digital growth. Some trial and error marketing is needed to see what exactly works well for your business.

Here is how our Digital marketing Dunedin Web agency increased our own Digital marketing value.

Digital Marketing Dunedin easy marketing steps.

Digital Content

Whether on your website, mail campaigns or social media. We have seen the strongest growth and interaction in RICH content. What do we mean by rich? Content that holds value for the person engaging in your brand. Do they learn something by viewing your content? Does is make them happy? Does your company inspire positive tones? These are areas we recommend on highlighting in your digital marketing messages.

Customer experience.

Always strive to enhance your customer experience, especially online. Focus on improving the speed of your website and insure easy navigation – and if your driving revenue from your website, focus on easy to use checkout system and store.

Website platform choice.

Focus on a website or blog platform that you can manage yourself. Digital advancement in website design platform makes it easier now to edit your own content online after the initial design has been completed. This will lower your costs, and help you re-invest the money back into digital exposure.

With these three points implemented, what can you hope to expect? A loyal customer base. By engaging with your customers from the base up you can build a brand your customers can rely on. Where they may seek you out for your service, rather than you trying to find them. Our main goal is not to force sales but rather let your customers ask for it.

As an Christchurch based web development and web design agency we are here to help you every step of the in making sure your digital marketing messages get seen.

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