Minimise the delay in launching your B2B website

In the beginning  of your new website project, Austin Digital develops a timetable that calculated for design, quality assurance, design, copywriting, and development. And only a handful of times does a B2B website usually launch on the pre-determined target date.

Let’s evaluate at 4 typical reasons why a B2B website launch is prolonged.

Not providing a dedicated project manager at your business.

Not providing a dedicated project manager at your business. A typical scenario occurs when a new person joins the website project team, without prior knowledge to how the web design process started. We advise clients against adding new team members to a web design project once it has already started.

As mentioned before, many pieces of a B2B web design project are reliant on other smaller pieces. A web design agency can not simply move on to a different part of the project while they wait for materials.

Missing due dates for input or providing reference materials.

Provide all the information you can at the start of the build, this dramatically reduces the time of the initial build. This holds true for B2B web design projects. It’s best to assign one or two people to be the main decision makers and the information providers on a project and to give them the authorisation to make the final call on design, copy, images, and such.

Many business underestimate the amount of time it takes build a website, so it’s important to be realistic about the effect it will have on team timetables. A design agency will do the massive lifting, but your feedback and contributions are important to creating a premium B2B web site that ensures your brand stand apart among the competitors.

Changing instructions or goals mid-way through a job.

It’s vital that each the website design company and the customer provide quick responses and keep in touch regularly. It pushes everything back a few days if responses on the web or the copy design is delayed by a few days. The days add up and your launch date can be delayed by several weeks if that occurs repetitively.

Way too many decision makers.

The best way to prevent any hold-ups is to assign a dedicated project manager with decision-making power to the B2B website project. Having a dedicated project manager ensures that one person is keeping an eye on routines and has the capability to keep the project on track by getting timely feedback, gathering resources needed for the design agency, and making decisions to keep the project moving along.

This is a huge one and probably the most usual main reason website tasks are postponed. Normally, different stages of the website design must be finished before settling the upcoming phase. This implies a delay in the website design stage will postpone development.

In conclusion

Many items of a B2B web design undertaking are conditioned on other small parts. We suggest clients against including new team members to a web design project once it has already commenced. Often, a web design project is one more thing on an extremely congested timetable. The best way to prevent any hold-ups is to delegate a dedicated project manager with decision-making power to the B2B site project. Having a dedicated project manager ensures that one person is managing to keep an eye on calendars and has the ability to maintain the task on track by obtaining timely feedback, acquiring sources needed for the design agency, and making choices to keep the project moving around.

Customised APP Development

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Feel the need for something more than what is technically termed ‘a packaged solution?” A more high-end, personalised approach? You name it and we’ve got it. From an exclusive app development plan to creating a customised app that will appeal to your users, we have the ultimate mobile app solution. A customised mobile app will create an opportunity for your users to feel the power of your app, with a user experience that encompasses all the aspects of the user’s interaction with your business.

The story doesn’t end with simply delivering an app. Whether it’s an upgrade, a redesign or an add-on functionality, our support system simply takes the client-developer experience to a whole new level. Customised apps can spread the word! Planning for a customised app or contemplating refreshing an existing one? It’s an investment worth every bit while working with customised app specialists. At Austin Digital, we believe in the ‘Be Different, Stand Apart’ theory. We can help you create a custom-built app to tell your story, keeping its authenticity intact. We can help you compete yet maintain your uniqueness in the race!

A tailor-made app that tells a story – YOUR story!

Your business story is unique. Trust us, it shouldn’t remain untold. This is exactly when a customised app goes that extra mile to talk to its users. We make sure that your app doesn’t stick to the quintessential app style but is capable of expressing your brand story.

Cut the perplexity. Embrace consistency, we stand by this very principle.

The focus is only helping the user feel the rich experience of navigating through the app and creating an invincible user interface design. A simple yet power-packed app with functionalities that speaks oodles about your brand’s commitment to providing the best service to its users. From the logo that becomes your identity and the tone of the colour that asserts a value, we can help your brand stand a class apart!

In our many years in the business, we have mastered the art of the app customisation. We can create a unique app strategy for your business that circumscribes every facet of an app. We simply know what our client needs and expects! From big corporate clients to new-found startups, office spaces and net worth aren’t factors that we consider. Ideas are what get us going. We work towards converting an idea into a tech reality.