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Web design trends in 2018 – New Zealand

Web design is constantly changing from year to year. Here are some trends that are making it big in 2018. Hand-Drawn Fonts Just look on Instagram to see how viral custom hand-drawn fonts are becoming in recent months. These unique typefaces add character and charm as well as a good bold identity that can be…
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Reminder to Website Owners: Move to HTTPS

Towards the end of the year, Chrome v62 will be released, bringing with it many new changes for both users of the browser and site owners. The biggest change will be the marking of non-HTTPS sites. These sites will be marked with text input fields and will automatically be viewed in incognito mode as ‘not…
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5 Steps to Tell if Your Website is Mobile Ready

Every now and then companies tell me that their mobile Web traffic is still too low for them to prioritize it over the traditional PC Web. While few can doubt that the latter is still prevalent among customers, in reality, many brands are experiencing low traffic due to the poor user experience afforded to those accessing via…
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Why Short Loading Times Are Essential for Your Website

Here at Austin Digital, we’re fond of making quickly loading websites. We have all visited websites only to be greeted with frustratingly long loading times. Poor web design could lead to poor website performance and this has often been cited as the number one reason for people abandoning a page. In order to keep your…
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Update content often

Most businesses don’t just want customers; they want repeat customers. The same goes for your website. If you want people to view your website again and again, you have to give them a reason to come back. Try to change something on your website as often as possible. If you sell a product, write posts about daily promotions or specials you’re offering, as well as any new items available for purchase. You might also inform page viewers about the latest features on your site or improvements within your company. Even book reviews or journal articles that somehow relate to your business can flesh out your website.
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