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Web design trends in 2018 – New Zealand

Web design is constantly changing from year to year. Here are some trends that are making it big in 2018. Hand-Drawn Fonts Just look on Instagram to see how viral custom hand-drawn fonts are becoming in recent months. These unique typefaces add character and charm as well as a good bold identity that can be…
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Reminder to Website Owners: Move to HTTPS

Towards the end of the year, Chrome v62 will be released, bringing with it many new changes for both users of the browser and site owners. The biggest change will be the marking of non-HTTPS sites. These sites will be marked with text input fields and will automatically be viewed in incognito mode as ‘not…
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Minimise the delay in launching your B2B website

In the beginning  of your new website project, Austin Digital develops a timetable that calculated for design, quality assurance, design, copywriting, and development. And only a handful of times does a B2B website usually launch on the pre-determined target date. Let's evaluate at 4 typical reasons why a B2B website launch is prolonged. Not providing…
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Purchasing a new domain best practices

Regardless of what domain name you essentially decide  on, you might want to consider some of Austin Digitals top tips to think about when naming your new business: Your domain name really should be as brief and short as possible. Reduced name domains are actually less complicated for direct-type ins, don't spillover text on your…
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Customised APP Development

In search of a specialist in Customised App development? Your search ends here! At Austin Digital, revamp your digital toolkit with an exemplary mobile app that cuts an edge above the rest. With high-quality apps, tailor made and perfected to meet your needs and expectations, we help your marketing strategy hit the bull’s eye. We…
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Google rankings & mobile friendly websites

Getting good, relevant answers when you search shouldn’t depend on what device you’re using. You should get the best answer possible, whether you’re on a phone, desktop or tablet. Last year, Google started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on mobile searches. Google announced the beginning of a rollout update to mobile search results that…
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Advantages of Using MailChimp

MailChimp is the partner that every small business needs, streamlining the process of anything mass email related. As the world’s leading email marketing platform, MailChimp plays an integral role in growing small businesses around the world. Sure, you can create an email newsletter using a service like Wordpress, but that method isn’t nearly as reliable…
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Social media and the key to making it work

Social media has transitioned from obscurity to a place of prominence for individuals with access to a computer. Of the 3 billion users who actively access the internet, almost 2.1 billion have social media accounts. Studies show that social media usage is no longer limited to younger generations though, at 89%, the 18-29 age group…
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What is an electronic commerce or ecommerce website?

Ecommerce website is a term for any website that sales products or services online. Ecommerce websites have online shops which display products and features to attract visitors/online buyers to shop online. Business sell products through the online shops, accept  payments through various payment gateways available online. You can also have the eCommerce websites build responsive which…
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